Founder's Message

It is with immense satisfaction and joy that I introduce to you Madhu Vachaspati School of Management, a cherished dream of mine for the last two decades. As per my opinion education is the most important investment in the field of human resource development building the human capital, which is a driver for technological innovation and economic growth of the country. At MVSM we focus on excellent infrastructure and faculty for imparting the highest quality of education, because we believe that competence, courage and character are the vital components that should form the core to shape the future of our youngsters. We are committed to provide education to all sections of society, including those who are meritorious yet not able to bear the fee expenses. At MVSM, students are not only trained for academic excellence Thanks again for choosing MVSM and wish you all the best for future endeavors.

    Why MBA ?

It is a fact that having an MBA degree is like having the key to the gates of opportunities in the corporate world. It is like a green signal for the new business world. Hi-tech developments, improvements, and the growing privatization all have completely transformed the business grounds. Along with all these, the business plans and pedagogy are also constantly changing very fast. Besides, in every phase the competition is getting more and more difficult. As the business is changing, the level of competition is also increasing. The companies are forced to hire employees having done their MBA from the most competitive college. But here the most important question is that, why only MBA graduates? There are many courses taught in very good colleges and universities and they also have the required skills and knowledge for the specific field or area. Still, why is an MBA graduate preferred the most and is considered an asset for the employers? There may be many courses available in good colleges and universities across the world, but what skills and abilities an MBA student possesses, you will not be able to find the same in other candidates. They are more compatible and will be able to give the desired result in a lesser period of time. An MBA Student is considered to have multi-tasking skills, along with excellent interpersonal skills, quick thinking, complete knowledge of the present and the past market, awareness of the latest things happening in business across the world and has a strong control over the financial issues. An MBA graduate is also considered to have excellent understanding skills and strong will power to make possible to the impossible. The institutes and colleges offering MBA Degree, deliver the best in terms of business knowledge, policy, implementation methodologies, procedures, competition, and types of industries. Each college has its own unique course content and duration to complete it but the most important of all these is to deliver the best, complete and updated management education. Students are also given a chance to learn more and gain experience before actually starting to work through projects, internships or case studies that are taught during the course. This practical knowledge helps them to understand the market better and builds in them the skills to handle difficult and different situations more successfully and proficiently. An MBA Course also develops the personal traits, enhances communication and make more familiar with the human behaviour through different ways and techniques. An MBA Programme will give and teach all the things that are essential to make you a good manager and skills that are important to augment the efficiency and productivity of the organization. No company would like to waste its time to train people with the required skills and knowledge when they know that such candidates are already available in the form of MBA graduates. Today all organizations expect that their employees are able to give more profit to the company in a shorter span of time.